Forty Rabbit Holes: The Book of Daydreams

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Block out certain times of day and days of the week when you can focus on writing. Then just stick with that schedule. Release your grip on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or whatever you favorite social candy is.

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Even for just a few minutes! The dancing cat videos will still be there when you come back. Or whatever it takes to let kids, family members and friends know, your writing time is sacred. When flying, a good set of noise canceling headphones can block an amazing amount of distraction that could otherwise put a serious dent in your writing productivity. It can all fade away, allowing you to focus on the ideas flowing out through your fingertips and into your laptop, tablet or writing pad.

Whether your thing is Hip-Hop, Country-Western, 80s Disco or whatever, if you get caught up in the lyrics, you may have a hard time assembling your own ideas. Instead, put on some high energy instrumental music. It might be baroque, jazz, or even programs geared especially for study. Find something you like, that you resonate with, and that gets you in gear. Well you can, without getting derailed. Just pull up a notepad physical or digital , jot down your thought, then stash it in a secure place for later.

Because, actually, you are in a race against time. You may have heard of, or even currently use the Pomodoro Technique. It breaks your day into minute intervals of focused attention. It can be highly effective, however you might find that a 90 to minute interval allows you to get deeper into the project. That allows your subconscious mind a little time to work on it for you. Hemingway famously wrote standing up. And it may be helpful to have different positions when writing if you have low back or neck issues or other aches and pains.

And, if you like pacing when deep in thought or solving a knotty problem, standing may be the way to go….

How to Write Faster: 40 Time-Saving Tips to Speed Up Your Writing

You can get a stand-up desk. Or just set your laptop on a pile of books or boxes. That said, while standing desks were all the rage for a while, it turns out the health benefits may have been exaggerated. Do your research and come to your own conclusions. And, of course, you may simply prefer to sit when you write. And sometimes, just getting up off your derriere can stir up your thoughts in new ways, giving you a creative burst that speeds your writing. Whether you prefer to sit or stand when you write, when feel yourself getting bogged down, get up. Just the simple act of physically moving around sometimes shakes your brain up just enough to jar a new idea loose that gives you what you need to get back in the flow.

Try it before that first cup of coffee, or even breakfast. It can be a super productive time of day before the rest of the family is up, before people are trying to reach you and before the cares of the day invade your brain. The other thing about getting started early is, you get at least a chunk DONE. Or even just getting back in the groove to write more.

One of the best ways to hit a goal is to let someone you know in on your plan. Or let lots of people know. It puts on the pressure. This is a biggy.

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Block out time in your calendar for any writing project that you need to get done. If you have a routine with repeating blocks, so much the better. The critical thing is to set an appointment with yourself. Writing is hard work, and it requires concentration. Same with your writing — especially if getting it done fast matters to your business. Set an appointment with yourself and stick with it. Scientists have found it takes 23 minutes to refocus every time you shift your attention. Now, sometimes, you need to daydream creatively.

You just need to put that daydream on a leash. Like taking your dog for a walk. It takes just one of those minute chunks to knock a good size hole in your day. Keep that in mind anytime you start drifting. Having two or three projects to work on gives you options. If you get stuck, or sick and tired of one, you can escape without losing productive minutes and hours.

Switching like that lets your subconscious take over when you hit a wall. It can actually double your productivity. Writing under pressure can help you write faster… But too much pressure can bog you down. Being in too much of a pressured situation can keep you from getting into a flow state. Which may then cause you to procrastinate even more as your fears of making deadline mount.

It can be a vicious cycle. Be sure that for any project you commit to, you give yourself enough time. Think Goldilocks: Not too little, not too much just the right amount of time pressure can help you write faster. Then stop doing those things. For instance, you know that squiggly red line under misspellings in your word processor?

Guess what: You can turn it off! All you need it for is when you edit. Writing and editing use two different parts of your brain. When you try to do both at once, they compete for your attention, and you just get bogged down. Perfection and creativity are polar opposites.

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George Orwell wrote his most famous novel, sitting in bed in his nightclothes. What works best for you? Find your best space and use it to your advantage when you need to get into that flow state, where you can rip out hundreds of words per hour. Writing is like a journey. Sometimes that works, but for most writing projects, you need to take your reader from Point A to Point B.

You might now have a completely new piece to use.

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You can circle back to the one that you were originally working on, or go with the new ending, as long as it meets the needs of the project. It could be, your muse has just gifted you a two-for-one deal. Most likely, there was something of value that needed to come out first before you could get to your original destination.

Writing is often a process of discovery. So if you find yourself heading in a different direction, either get back on track, or realize you may have just discovered a new and possibly useful topic to write about. You can either go with it, delete it, or set it aside for later and get back to the project you were working on.

Once you have that down on paper, you might then draw in details like windows, doors, roof eaves, maybe even a few dimensions…. Comic book writer and novelist Neil Gaiman, in one of his Masterclass segments talks about he sketched out actual rough drawings of the sequence of scenes in the story he was about to write. You rough out what you have in mind from a 30, foot view, and then come back and fill in the details. It could be an outline, but if outlining feels too rigid, go with just rough notes, or shorthand.

Starting with a picture in mind gives you freedom to think about the overall shape first, before you start committing to details. Research is like the main part of an iceberg. When the piece it done, you only see about one tenth of all the thought that went into it. Dig deeper. Then give yourself some time to let that new information soak in. Let it marinate. You need to let different ideas bounce off each other to generate new ideas. Writing is a job. It has its moments. But behind those moments are a lot of grind. You just need to get done what needs done — no matter how you feel about it in the moment.

You get into a flow, which in turn helps you get more done in less time. As a writer, you put on different hats. Then, at certain times, you edit. If the editor comes along tries to sneak in and start criticizing, just wave it away like an annoying mosquito. You can come back later. But right now, I need to get creative. And I may make a mess of things. Chasing Rabbits. In retrospect, was a pretty good year to come unglued. Young people were questioning Young people were questioning everything, so when Jim Edwards' old life fell suddenly apart, he went off in search of a new, more authentic way to live.

Jim soon Checkpoints: Down The Rabbit Hole. The nations of Earth have struck a standing peace after the AI wars of the The nations of Earth have struck a standing peace after the AI wars of the 's. Treaties that restrict the use or development of many forms of artificial intelligence, nanotech and cloning seem to have saved humanity. The treaties didn't Down the Rabbit Hole: Tales of Insanity. Poetry and prose from authors such as T.

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Down the Rabbit Hole: Into France. World War Two is raging on. In the darkness of a freezing cold winter's night Down the Rabbit Hole. She yearns for the love and freedom she's never known in this world. Heartbroken, she is surprise to meet the handsome After losing Aiden, Rowan is sent into a deep depression that leaves her friends to After losing Aiden, Rowan is sent into a deep depression that leaves her friends to send her back to the human realm where she meets Derek, a starving artist who takes her in.

While she is determined to get her Rabbit holes are, by my definition, those secret places to which we all go to Rabbit holes are, by my definition, those secret places to which we all go to escape the demands placed upon us by modern life. It was when Alice fell