Noruega. Los fiordos del Norte (Spanish Edition)

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I liked this book. First, because it's a love story that takes place in another era.

Cabo norte, fiordos Noruegos e islas Lofoten - Viatges Rovira

I read the book in Spanish though a gift from my dear aunt and though I don't usually read fiction, this one was delicately entertaining, nice vivid descriptions of places and relationships. It was nice to read a different type of fraught-love story where relationships were challenged by things significant I liked this book. It was nice to read a different type of fraught-love story where relationships were challenged by things significantly harder to accept than they are today.

I definitely learned something and enjoyed the book in the process.

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The only thing that puzzled me is why this book is not available in English, in the US. It seems like there are only German and Spanish editions.

Jul 27, Yololeoytelocuento added it. Loved the description about Norway and their customs. Dec 09, Andrea rated it it was amazing. Beautiful story!!! You get caught on it, one of my favorites for sure, and whom I got it from, better. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed.

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Published by Lectio Ediciones, Spain About this Item: Lectio Ediciones, Spain, Brand New Book. Seller Inventory MAC L L, About this Item: Random House Literatura. Basado en las experiencias del padre del autor. From: BuchWeltWeit Inh. Ludwig Meier e.

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Bergisch Gladbach, Germany. Condition: Neu. Lang: - por, Pages , Print on Demand. Language: por. First edition. From: Imosver Lerez, Spain. Seller Inventory AST Madrid, Tela con dorados.

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